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Commission status - Closed

will open in few weeks

Thank you for visiting!

Art style change

Ivy - 8 May 2022

I finally found it!!! omg AAAAA
my art style would be more lineless-y than before and i put even more effort into it, so yeah x3
(that is also the reason why the price change)
i also got my motivation back ;w;


Ivy - 28 April 2022

i always have the urge to just changing my website, been considering wordpress nvm, i check around and it cost more than wix subscription, imma consider wix again. hh
i'm quite familiar with coding html, js, and css. would like to try it
tbh i'm using carrd for this site, you may already can tell, its not enough for me i feel like

my commissions are officially open!!

Ivy - 28 April 2022

you can go here to commission me <3
prices ranging from $7 to $50!! (addons ranging from $3 to $18)
you can also check sum reviews here xd


Ivy - 16 April 2022

i miss playing no man's sky 😭they got a new awesome update but my see tee pee cee cant handle it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa

update about my blog page

Ivy - 15 April 2022

I have finished changing my blog page, i'm actually satisfied with itimma go make a mango juice

overhauling my blog page

Ivy - 15 April 2022

previous blog was getting buggy, i'm just gonna switch and make it my own so it function properly, might took a while
right now, you may see some missing posts
i'll add comment section and implement tags later

UPDATE: mobile navbar

Ivy - 14 April 2022

I have finished it!! tested as well, it works pretty well <3
now it's kinda convenient for mobile users to use my website
(I also make the scrollbar dark themed for desktop users so your eyes can be comfy :3)hope y'all like it uvu

currently working on a proper mobile navbar!!!

Ivy - 14 April 2022

for mobile users, you may see some weird menu stuff that's going on right now (i'm too lazy to do it on my test site so yeah xd)i've been trying to implement the kinda dropdown menu thingy for mobile users only, my dumbass didn't see the way till now, its infront of my eyes all along!just don't mind if you see some buggy stuff currently, i'll try to implement this as soon as i could <3

my shitass computer been crashing so much lately

Ivy - 14 April 2022

im getting sick of it, even if i do nothing its still fucking CRASHED
i have been trying to find out whats the problem and i still dont know what causing this
sorry for the tiny delay of your commissions, ive been dealing with this crashing and it's getting more often than beforeill try to finish it so i can quickly get a new computer

snoot ychs will be closed for a while!!!

Ivy - 9 April 2022

bases are still available to purchase, i just wanna take a break from da snoot ych and gotta work on other stuff xd

lmao got banned from buzzly

Ivy - 4 April 2022

because i was appealing for account deletion once
they said that the people mentioning about them leaving buzzly or asking for their account to be deleted will get banned?
wow what a great way to revive your community huh
i expect for them to dry out soon lmao

decided to ditch my email newsletter

Ivy - 30 March 2022

so instead i'm just gonna use my telegram channel for that, easier anyway
you can join here
I'm too lazy to set up my email and stuff, so yeah

update about my commission page

Ivy - 28 March 2022

im considering to overhaul the entire thing with just a proper form instead me using an embed, i still need to figure out a ton of stuff though... hhhand i also will officially open my commissions again soon

been having the urge to redesign my site again

Ivy - 22 March 2022

but idk what to make it into, im a bit scared of a ton of change. maybe i should stop feeling that way. feels unhealthy

finally posted on my furaffinity account

Ivy - 19 March 2022

you can check em out xd i only posted somehttps://www.furaffinity.net/user/puppydoguwu

lmao i knew it

Ivy - 16 March 2022

buzzly is a dumpster fire nowyknow that ive smelled this coming from mile away, what a joke lol

Ivy - 15 March 2022

bloopin 😳

buzzly kinda suck imo

Ivy - 10 March 2022

its full of literal kids, im not really comfortable there
seems like they despise nsfw art lol
even if theres like, nsfw filter. ive seen some other artists posting explicit artworks, theyve gotten like absolute 0 likes
youve guessed it, kids.
i doubt it'll be the "next DeviantArt"
its broken as fuck, even if they said its "fixed"
their discord server just gone, deleted without a notice (im pretty sure they deleted themselves)
ive heard about the staff drama, its pretty vauge. all i know that the staffs are kinda shit
sooo yeah idk what's going on and theyre pretty quiet about it
i will not be on buzzly as much as im on Instagram, e621 and furaffinity (even if i havent posted anything yet lol)

not feeling quite well

Ivy - 8 March 2022

head hurts and im so shakey and weak hhhh
i think i'll be fine

comm update!

Ivy - 3 March 2022

I'll be opening my commissions again in the next few weeks.. or more! still not sure and i still gotta work on a big stuff after this one comm eeeee

finished it :3

Ivy - 11 February 2022

been wanting to make a logo

Ivy - 11 February 2022

well, imma do it rn! i finally got the idea -w-

Ivy - 6 February 2022

another thing to add to my bucket list: making plushies
i got some sewing experience, mostly coming from my mom cuz it was her job. i used to make a mini plushies from leftover fabrics
i wanna practice it myself more so i can maybe make it commercially x3
cant wait!! itll be fun!!!


Ivy - 5 February 2022

i cant take anymore of these people that said "oOOOoOHh sEx bAd!!11!1" like thats fucking normal?????
maybe like, have any thoughts about how youve been made???????????????????
im hypersexual, im not traumatized, i found out about sex myself, I EVEN HIDE THAT STUFF FROM MY PARENTS (theyre religious, im not)
i like sex, i like jacking off, it made me happy but EXCUSE ME WHAT??????????????????????
im sick of fetus brained people just gotta make everything coming from a "childhood trauma" FUCKING GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i fucking hate kids sometimes

thinkin about opening commission again...

Ivy - 5 February 2022

maybe next month, idk maybe less, i still got some stuff to do


Ivy - 30 January 2022

Ivy - 30 January 2022

i should probably start drawing again waaaaa i havent been drawing for straight up a month now :(( i was extremely burnt out hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

first post here XD

Ivy - 29 January 2022

i finally got a working blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gwaawawwaawdaw
funny cat

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About me

if you wanna see my OCs I had throughout the years, click the button below! still on WIP though!

Hi there! my name is Ivy!
also known as puppydog/kiwifox
I'm an 18 y.o female, a furry, and an artist :3
I'm taken by the best boyfriend ever!! I've been together with him for 3 years and my life has never been better ever since <3
I've been drawing ever since I was a 1st grader, I still remember very well that the first thing I drew was spongebob hehe
I started doing digital art since 2016 and I was drawing on my phone with just finggies xd
until like... around 2018? I got my first drawing tablet and it took me some time to adjust
I fuckin love it! I remember the first thing I drew with it was my bf's oc sketch heh
I'm a self taught artist!
I usually learn from like way better artist, I'm always determined to improve my art but always on the shading/lighting xD
and I usually draw anthros and furries
but can draw humans too :]
my art style are like cartoon-ish-kinda-thing? but with humans are kinda anime-ish style
not sure if my art style are distinguishable x'D
currently planning to get enough money to buy a new pc, so all commission profits goes to my savings! (and also for food xd)

Original Characters

Main OCs (more coming soon)

Violet Nightsky

  • 18 years old

  • Female

  • Bisexual

  • Husky

  • Can be feral (as in all fours)

  • Submissive

  • Mostly happy

Violet is my current main oc! she's also represents me in a way of color, patterns, personality and mood. She always seem happy because shes a happy and bright side of me :3