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Ivy πŸ’œ

2D Artist and a soon-to-be Criminology Student

Hey there! I'm Ivy! also known as Ivydog or kiwifox
I'm 20 y.o female that loves to draw and game :D
I mainly do digital furry/anthro art, but I can draw humans too!
I usually draw in semi-cartoony style and anime-like for humans
I am very passionate about joining the Police force, so I'm going to pursue in Criminology in the future! I am now have goals and purpose.
I'll be moving on from my art career very soon πŸ’œ
It was a hell of a journey! Thank you all! (dw I will finish the stuff I owed :] )


Getting revised soon! Come back later!

Commission Queue

🟩 = Working on 🟨 = Waiting approval πŸŸ₯ = Waiting payment

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Terms of Service

General Terms

  • By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service.

  • Prices and TOS are subject to change without any notice under any circumstances.

  • I have the rights to decline your order.

  • Any unwanted behavior/breaking the terms will lead to cancelation of the commission and/or lead to you being privately blacklisted.

  • Please write in a clear and understandable manner.

  • Please don't say "do whatever you want", "I'll leave it to you", "surprise me!", etc. I work for you, so please tell me exactly what you, the commissioner, want.

  • I work best if you provide clear reference images, try to keep the text-only description to a minimum.

  • No Ghosting!

  • By ordering any NSFW commission you are agreeing that you are 18 years or older.

Payment and Refund Info

  • I accept payments in USD and via Paypal and Bank Transfer.

  • I do not accept gift cards, trades and/or exchanges as a payment.

  • If invoice has been sent, please do pay them within 24 hours. outside of that, commission is automatically canceled. So please let me know when you're done paying them.

  • Upfront payment is not required; I also accept partial payments and 50/50 payments (artwork will be heavily watermarked until the payment is fulfilled).

  • If you, the client, want a refund, you'll be given a portion of the refund depending on the progression. No refund can be given once the artwork is finished and sent. See the list below ↓

ProgressionRefund amount
No work doneFull refund
Sketch85% refund
Colored50% refund
ShadedNo refund
  • If I, the artist, cancel the commission due to my inability to complete it at any state, a full refund will be given.

Workflow Process

  • There will be a lot of communication in-between to ensure the quality of the commissioned artwork and the commissioner's satisfaction.

  • Please do not contact me everyday asking for an update! I got other stuff to do!

  • WIPs will be given out at every update and/or change of your commissioned artwork.

  • If I sent you a sketch, you must reply or approve it, otherwise I will not work on it until you do so.

  • 3 revisions for sketch only, 2 revisions for coloring, no revisions allowed after coloring stage.

  • After a commission is finished, only small changes are allowed to be made (Such as small coloring/marking mistakes, errors made by me, etc.).

Artwork Copyright

  • I, the artist, hold all rights to the original artwork.

  • I am allowed to use the artwork to promote myself, post it wherever I want, display it on my website's gallery, and anywhere else.

  • All commissioned artworks are for personal use only! If you want to use it for commercial purposes, it comes with additional price of +100% of the original price.

  • You are prohibited to delete my watermarks and/or claim my art as yours!

  • You cannot use my artwork for the purpose of altering/editing without a written permission! (except for the commissioners, they automatically have the permission to do so)

  • All commissioned artwork will be posted on my social media by default.

  • Private commissions comes with an additional fee of +50%.

  • Private commissions will still be visible only on my site's gallery page.

  • Reposting and sharing is allowed, as long as credit is properly given.

What I will draw:

  • Furries (any species/type)

  • Anthros

  • Ferals

  • Humans

  • PokΓ©mon or Digimon

  • OCs

  • Props/Objects (price may increase on complexity)

  • Fan art/game fan art

  • MLP/Ponies

  • NSFW art (I do hyper- and some dirty stuff too)

  • Fetish/Kinks art

  • Mild gore (blood, injury, cuts, etc.)

What I won't draw:

  • Heavy gore

  • Bara

  • Mechs

  • Very detailed armor


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